Morning Thoughts Again


Twenty years ago I would wake up every morning to write my morning thoughts.  I have saved many of them which you may see in this blog

I find many times when I wake up that I begin thinking about all kind of stuff.  Often the thoughts were about how I should live my life.    I found when I got out of bed, picked up pen and paper and wrote down those thoughts, they became clearer.  I would think about that thought during the day.  I am going to do the same thing now except I will put the thoughts in this blog.

Our mind gets its quiet time, the minds time to reflect since it is not concerned about outside stimuli.  The mind uses its massive data and computing power to give us answers and ideas.

We are too busy dressing and eating breakfast to hear what it has to say.  When I start listening to myself is like asking the mind “what’s happening?”

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