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This website at lovingmind.com is about three rings of happiness or should g say three mindsets that will bring us happiness. The mindsets apply to three parts of our consciousness. Three areas of living. The areas are a connection to others, being our true self, and being grounded.

The first ring is Love Love is our connection to others it is a connection to spirit. When our spirit is love whether it is a romantic love of another person or at an agape love of the whole world we feel happiness. With a mindset of love, we are one with everyone, a higher power, and the universe.

The ring of pure potential is about our physical or material life. This mindset connects what we do to our consciousness to pure potentially has no limits of our aware and unaware thoughts.

Pure potential is seeking thoughts and actions that lead us to our real goal, being our true self, shows solutions to problems, answers to questions and in the least recognized but most important form. Inspiration The most important things about pure polemical is to trust it:

Love brings happiness to our spirit, and pure potential mindset is the way to happiness in the material world. Happiness is not being exultation and joyful all the time. The yin-yang symbol represents opposites good-bad, happiness -sadness, The Taoist mindset keep us grounded. It helps us to go with the flow, follow the Way one of the meanings of Tao is the Way. It tell us how the accept things the way they are. Living in the Tao is living in harmony With the universe.

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