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Why Lovingmind

Experience love and happiness with these states of mind

The purpose of life is to live in happiness, that is excitement in victory, peace of the forest, the joy of a new child and satisfaction of being our true self.  The loving mind finds this happiness in their mindset of Love, Pure Potential and living our true self through the Tao.

Giving and receiving love 

We know the feeling of being loved by a parent or finding the love of romance.  These are feeling of happiness.  Loving ourselves allows us to love and give love to others.  We can achieve this love with a mindset of love for all.

Experiencing our pure potential

Many of us think that our success in the world will bring us happiness.  Certainly, success makes us happy.  Our consciousness (the source of pure potential) will give you dreams just right for you.  Our .   Consciousness always has and always will collect information which will provide us with our pure potential.  Pure Potential is being the best person that we can be.   Consciousness comes from all we experience, all that we feel all that effects us physical or metaphysical.  When our mindset is we are living our pure potential more happiness will be ours.

Living in the Tao

Happiness also comes from living a life free of stress and being true to ourselves.  We find peace and joy when we are in harmony with the universe which is in harmony with the Tao.  Be in the Tao by;  Learning how to trust your own intuition, Letting go of judgments that hold you back, Removing conflict and anger from your relationships. Being kind to yourself and pace your life to match your essence.  When we are mindful of the Tao and it teachers happiness will be ours.


Three Rings of Happiness






Pure Potentail




Why Loving Mind

As a child, I attended two different Protestant churches where I learned about them how they are the same and their differences. I was very interested in all of this and about God and what it meant.  I was very dedicated and to learn as much as I could.  The message I got was "God is love."

The Power of Mind

I read the scientific book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz where he demonstrated when we visualize an action enough the result will be an outcome same as the thought.  Cali Lloyd said after scoring four goals in the Women's World Cup Championship  That she had visualizing for weeks making four goals in the World Cup.

New Thought

I have studied the teachers of successful living such as Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra and many others to learn their ideas of success.   For over a decade I studied spiritual principals from Science of Mind  They teach there is one divine power, called many names, Tao, God or Krishna just to name a few.  They are all the same.  Their belief system is also based on spirit flowing through mind to action.  Science of Mind and Taoism and co-exist

Eastern Thought

As I began to read the original text of Eastern religions, I found delight in Buddhism, and I has been particularly fond of the teachings on suffering.  There is suffering, desire is the cause of suffering, and we can overcome our suffering.
I have studied the Tao Te Ching and Taoism for over ten years. With in-depth study, I found great wisdom in Taoism. The Tao is the path or the way.  Taoism is an intuitive spirituality.  There is the unity of all; we are Tao and Tao is all things. Living in The Tao is about living in harmony with the universe.
I am creating this website so that I can understand the nature of life-based on spiritual readings and my life experiences. This website is a message to me. I hope this will help others, take with you all you agree with and leave the rest. You are welcome to come along, and your comments and questions are also welcome.

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