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We have two blogs These are areas that you can talk to us and leave comments for other users of the Lovingmind happiness  website

Morning Thoughts blog

One blog is called morning thoughts,  Most of the mornings when I wake up I think about the world around me.  Sometimes the thought is what is for breakfast.   When I let my mind float, I see with my mind answers to my questions about life, or I see life in a new way.  It is amazing to me the good things that flow from my mind.  I hear answers to yesterday’s question, solutions to problems, or I see the world in a new better way.  I will share these thoughts with you here.

Your Morning Thoughts

I am asking you to share some of your morning thoughts with the rest of us.  Send them to us at  Your comments are always welcome.

Understanding Taoism Blog

This blog I began a long time ago.  It’s purpose is to explain the Tao Te Ching chapter by chapter.  There are many translations of the Tao Te Ching which says the same thing in different ways.  My purpose is to present the that can be better understood.  I want to show the spiritual nature of the book. The book has many memorable quotes.  I want to demonstrate how these quotes will bring harmony and peace to your life which will be more happiness.