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Using our mind with Love brings happiness


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Morning Questions

We find ourselves looking forward to the day each morning.  The kinds of questions we ask in the morning will determine the kind of day we will have Do we make plans of what we want to accomplish in the day or are we thinking about what will go wrong.  These thoughts and questions determine the kind of day we will have. We create self-fulfilling prophecies in the way we think in the questions we ask ourselves about what's going to happen today.

As an example if the morning question what will go wrong then when the traffic is bad, our body will start becoming tense and we'll cuss the other driver. On the other hand if our morning questions were how I could make this a beautiful day then when the traffic becomes snarled our reaction will be peaceful because we are looking for a beautiful day

We can also ask questions about how we want to be.  We may ask, “How can I be more loving?”  On the other hand, “How do I get back on someone?”   This sets in our mind our intention.  Our automatic mind will react to situations based upon what it believes to be our true intention. Our mind knows our intention by the thoughts and ideas we feed it. If we ask questions about harming others or ourselves, the mind assumes that our intention is harmful.  If our morning questions are about what can accomplish or do then the mind sees our intention is a positive creation. During the day our mind knows the intention is doing something it will automatically lead us that way when the opportunity arises.

Our minds are also the world's greatest computers. Our minds like a computer have been programmed to follow the instructions we give it.  We essentially ask a computer a question. The computer searches its memory for information. The same is true when our aware mind asks a question then our mind seeks an answer to the question given.  The answer may come in minutes, hours or days.  It is important that when that answer comes we recognize the answer

Our mind computer tells our spiritual/emotional mind what our spirits and our mood should be for the day. Whenever we ask questions, we are saying a prayer. All self-talk is telling our mind what it should work on. When that self-talk is asking, "how can 1 enjoy the day?" Check this out for yourself. Become aware in the morning of the kinds of things you're asking yourself in the morning. Sometimes the questions are about how to solve a puzzle or to accomplish some certain tasks.

See if during the day we become aware of the solution. When we are aware of our morning questions, did we find that our mood during the day reflected the questions we asked in the morning?

We already ask questions each morning such "What's the traffic Going be like today?" or "What's for dinner tonight?" we can think about what the other questions that will effect our day. Ask questions about what we want to happen.  Ask how we can make it happen while knowing that it will. Ask questions about what we want to be and what we want to give. When we open our eyes we ask, "what sunshine can I have today?”.

In the morning, we think about what we want to accomplish this day, and we will be guided by our thoughts of our aware mind towards that accomplishment.

We may want to act a certain way, or be a certain way we ask “how can I be more loving? Alternatively, what can I give?  Then our automatic thoughts reflect our concerns about love and giving. This controls how we want to feel in our spiritual/emotional thoughts.

We can change our day and our feelings by having the right thoughts and asking the right questions in the morning.