During life we ask who we are and what we are? We want to know why do we do the things we do. Why do we feel the way we do? I cannot answer those questions but I what to share with you some thoughts on how it works together. This is my concept about the organization of the self.

When psychologists and philosophers talk about self, they talk in threes, Freud had the ego, super ego and the id. Modern psychology sees adult, parent and child. In spiritual circles people talk of the trilogy or trinity. I also see the self-mind as three interrelated parts.

The parts I see are the aware mind, the automatic mind and the inner mind. One part of self-mind cannot change without effecting the other one or both of the other parts . . . I see this like a triangle. Each part is a side of the triangle. As in a triangle if you lengthen one side of the triangle you will need to change the length of one or both of the other sides of the triangle. When we increase the length of one side of the triangle, we increase the area inside the triangle. When our thought or feeling about something in our life increases in one part of the self-mind it will also increase in another part of the mind and that thought or feeling will have greater space in our mind. Let’s examine these parts of self-mind.

One part is the aware mind. We normally call this our conscious thought. This is where are aware of what is happening to us, and how we react to what happens. This is where we become aware of our decisions to take action. This is the part of us where we recognize what we see and hear. This is where we make conscious decisions.

Another part of our being is our automatic mind. Psychologists call this the subconscious part of the mind. This is the part of self that is reactive. This part of self is where all those old tapes of what and who we should be reside. This is the part of the self that makes up our habits. We call this the automatic mind because it is where the mind controls the automatic actions whether it is breathing or scratching ourselves or lighting up a cigarette without being aware of what we are doing.

The most mysterious and mystical part is the inner mind. The part of self mind is our connection to the universal intelligence. This is the part of feeling and love. Jesus called that the Holy Ghost. New Thought may call this spirit, and New Age will talk about your aura. I will refer to this part of us as the spiritual self or inner mind. This is the part that communicates with God or the universe. The inner mind is the source of your emotions.

The more we think about an aspect of your life in the aware mind the more that aspect becomes a part of your automatic and inner minds. The more we use the automatic mind on an aspect of life the more we will find it in our aware mind, and feel in the inner mind. The power of the inner mind is felt both by the automatic and aware mind.

We know that we can effect any part of the mind with our awareness. There are different ways to effect each of the three parts of this one mind.