Pure Potential


Pure potential is the ability of our consciousness to show us how to achieve our intention whether it is getting a drink of water or to building a rocket ship. Strong intentions are considered as goals. Consciousness creates goals from our most frequent thoughts and strongest feelings. When consciousness knows our desires, it uses all its knowledge and resources to show us the actions to achieve the outcome we seek. The response appears to us as a feeling, a new thought, a sign from the world around us or action we do or something we say that was not in our conscious thoughts.

Everyday pure potential

Pure potential can be the sudden recalling that my lost keys are in the refrigerator, our surprise of saying or doing the right thing without any planning or getting a clear view of an issue in the morning that we couldn’t resolve the night before. It is pure potential when we call for a job interview or first date. Don’t hold back, the potential is unlimited. When your consciousness is in a state of pure potential, your mind will feed you all the right lines.

Pure Potential and life’s challenges

Pure potential can provide us with major help on the big and more difficult challenges in life. When we know our goal and keep thinking about it. Things just start happening, like we get the urge to go to a park where we notice that important person that can help us reach our goal. Suddenly we are near him starting up small talk which may lead to your intention

Use the pure potential by taking notice of the out of the ordinary thoughts and actions. Go with the sudden new thought and urges for it may well be consciousness pushing towards the goal. Don’t over think it, just do it. You will see the wonder of you and your consciousness.