The Circle of Love Brings Happiness


Everything about love brings happiness, even something as simple as a loving thought. Happiness is the feeling found when we love someone, a special person, a parent, the city, or a sports team. When we feel sad, it’s time for loving thoughts, feelings of someone or something that makes us happy. In a circle of love, when we feel loved, we are showered with happiness. We feel intense joy when we love others and ourselves.

We know the emotion of love, but what is it? Just some of the characteristic of love include things such as unconditional acceptance, compassion for, a connection with, and admiration and respect for that which we love.  Love is all of this and so much more.

Love is Acceptance

When we can accept others as they are, have compassion for them, respect them and relate to them as one with us, then we are experiencing the emotion of love. It is so much easier to have a love for others when we start from a place of love, unconditional acceptance of ourselves. We have compassion for our flaws and respect for our goodness. When our attitude is love, we know we are one. We lose our anger or jealousy when we practice unconditional acceptance which is Love. Each person is unique in personality, likes, talents, and desire, and still, we are no at the touch of loveless than anyone and we are no better than another person.

Circle of love

Love moves in a beautiful circle of color, Love moves from me to you and then from you to your friend, from your friend to a stranger and from the stranger back to me. The love changes colors from one person to the next, because love changes from one person. More that appreciation flows in the circle of love the faster fondness moves, with more happiness being generated. When we love someone, we will treat them with loving kindness. People respond with love and kindness and more happiness is spread.

Universal Consciousness

We may show love to a person, and they do not return the same. In the universal consciousness, our love is known. It appears to the world, as our smile, our aura, our energy that others feel from us. The love we have for others benefits us emotionally and materially from sources we know and unknown to us. This is a source of happiness.  This is a circle of love that surrounds us.

If you would be loved, love, and be loveable.”— Benjamin Franklin