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Enjoy a full life filled with love, powered by your mind 
and living the virtues of the Tao Te Ching.



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Loving Mind Taoism

  Everyone desires happiness. Of course there is the happiness of a birthday party or the happiness of falling in love. There also is happiness of life. Wikipedia describes it this way "Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

  Happiness is a state of mind not an event. We can experience happiness most of the time even if we are not conscious of it. We can be happy when we are shopping or we can be happy when we're washing the dishes. Most of the time happiness is in common everyday living, nothing special. We can experience happiness wheater watching a sunset or when we are just walking down the street thinking about nothing..

  Studies have shown that unhappiness is caused by actual events 10 percent of the time and by perception of events 40 percent of the time. In the Taoist principle of yin yang there cannot be happiness without unhappiness. How can we know happiness if we do not know of umhappiness? Yin Yang means there are two sides to every thing. When we keep the sides in balance we will have a good life. We have to keep the happiness and unhappiness in the proper balance for our lives. This does not necessarily mean that you have equal happiness and unhappiness it is just balanced for your life.

  Love is one of the best tools we have for a living with happiness and receive goodness from others. You may have noticed that when you do something nice for others, or show people love how they respond with something good for you. The good is not always from the person we helped. Many people tell us that they feel happy when the do something for others. When we are in a loving space we send out energy that people pickup and respond in a more positive nature to us.

  When we recognize the power of the mind and trust the mind we will discover the power of our mind to achieve our goals. It retains a record of everything that has happened to us. When our mind knows our intention it will access the information and the mind provides us with the right course of action to reach our intention. We are unaware of this. When we listen to our intuition we are listening to our mind and its solutions. I find most of the time when I listen to intuition I do the right thing which brings success. Happiness comes with success.

  Taoism gives us an intuitive insight to the art of living an authentic life. it is about nature and shows us how to live in this world in peace and joy. It shows us how to live in harmony with the universe, Living with Taoism resistance and opposition disappear. Living in the Tao brings deep inner peace and reconnection to the divine source. The wisdom of the Tao is a way to live life with clarity of knowing the universal truth. Taoism is an ancient philosophy of living and the natural world. Taoism will show you the way to return to your authentic self or your spiritual self. The Tao Te Ching has a lot of wisdom and suggestions on how to live a better life.

What's New

June 25, 2015  I have added a verse called the Source of Love.  Do you know who loves you?

 Tao Te Ching verse by verse at Taoism blog lovingmind.com/blog


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